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Kasteel Donker (brown)

aacWhen I first tasted Kasteel Bruin, at the end of the 1980s, the aroma made me think of freshly sliced bread. You never forget that. Brewer Luc Van Honsebrouck is the country’s most colourful brewer, said Michael Jackson and he was an expert. Once, during a visit, Van Honsebrouck led him on a seven-vintage tasting of his heavy Kasteel beer and asked him, ‘Will you come to my funeral when I die?’ How could he know that the Beer Hunter would go first?The brewery-castle manager from Ingelmunster knows how to couple the art of brewing with original ideas and can also sell his beer. Kasteel beer was an immediate hit, as was subsequently the tripel version. They are beers that are not copies but are their own (heavy) selves. Luc Van Honsebrouck recently retired and handed over to his son, Xavier, originally inspired by Westvleteren 12. Knowing that no-one else can make that beer, he decided to make his own version of a strong dark beer. Some have already said that it is a ‘tearoom beer’, suitable both for women and for the men that accompany them. ‘Darling, I’m missing something!’, was the often heard cry of Paul, the landlord of Café Lagaar in Izegem, whose pleasant face was seen in the TV commercial. He also popped up in our episode of the Biersommelier about Kasteel beer!

Romanoff of strawberries with black pepper

aadFor 4 people
500gr of ripe but firm strawberries
200gr of light cream (crème fleurette)
6cl cherry brandy
4cl gin
crystal sugar
1 lemon
icing sugar
freshly-ground black pepper

Crush a quarter of the strawberries with a fork and mix with the cream, the cherry brandy and the gin. Bring to taste with sugar and lemon juice. Cut the remaining strawberries into thin slices but keep them whole. Coat the bottom of a deep dish with the strawberry juice and arrange the fruit on top.  Sprinkle generously with icing sugar and grind some black pepper over them. motivational food pairing All scruples overboard and we have never heard of cholesterol. Think about slightly overripe
strawberries, cream (lots of cream) pepped up with gin and black pepper (even a handful of green pepper) and then a sultry terrace and a dark brown pint for your nose. ‘Summertime … and the living is easy.’

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