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Using Beer in Your Brownies!

Wetten Importers of Sterling Virginia

Foodies have been pairing wine and food for many years however pairing beer and food is a much more recent phenomenon in countries outside of Europe. Beer lovers in Belgium have always believed in a very natural relationship between beer and food.

Everyone knows that milk, heavy cream and buttermilk are commonly used when baking; however adding beer to that list makes it possible to elevate the flavor and textures of all baked goods. Additionally, baking with beer can be lots of fun. There are many ways to incorporate beer into baking including:

  • As a natural leavening agent
  • To add a complementary flavor
  • To add lightness and flavor to fried desserts

The carbonation in beer is a natural leavening agent with the ability to make breads, muffins and biscuits rise higher. Beer mixed with baking soda can quickly give Belgian-style waffles a lightness, flavor and aroma similar to yeasted waffles in a fraction of the time.

With so many flavorful beers to choose from you are sure to find a beer that can complement any type of recipe. Fried treats such as hush puppies and doughnuts become light, fluffy and flavorful with the addition of beer.

Perhaps the easiest and tastiest way to use beer in your baking is by using it in your brownies. To do this you simply replace the water in your brownie mix with the beer of your choice. The right beer has the ability to impart a delicious richness into any ordinary box of brownie mix.

For example adding Belgian ale to simple brownie mix adds a subtle malty and fruity flavor. Kriek Lambic beer adds a wonderful cherry flavor to brownies and chocolate stout pairs well with dark chocolate brownies.

You can even compliment the beer in your brownies by adding other ingredients such as dark chocolate pieces, raspberry chips, toffee bits, dried dates, blueberries or cherries or even toasted walnuts or hazelnuts. Not only will this greatly enhance the moistness and texture of the brownies but it will also significantly enhance the flavor. You might never use water in your brownies again!

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