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Beer Styles Specific to Belgium

Belgium is one of the oldest and more traditional places offering hundreds of different varieties of beer.  Belgian beers have a long history and are a favorite for many people around the world. This is probably due to the fact that Belgian brewers put their heart and soul into every single beer that they brew. For such a small country, it’s amazing how many different styles of beer Belgian’s brew. In Belgium there are approximately 178 breweries that create an astounding amount of beer types. In fact there are over 600 different types of beer made in Belgium. It’s no surprise that beer brewers around the world refer to Belgium as beer paradise.

For the most part Belgian beers are ales with a heavy emphasis on malts and a lot of fruity yeast flavors. Different styles of Belgian beer include:

  • Belgian White or Witbier
  • Lambic
  • Saisons or Farmhouse Ales
  • Dubbels
  • Tripels
  • Quadrupel

Belgian White or Witbier are cloudy pale beers that are brewed with un-malted wheat and regular malted barley. This style of beer has a wheat flavor and a thick, creamy texture. These beers are traditionally flavored with coriander and orange peel.

Lambic beer is spontaneously fermented in a process that allows local yeasts and bacteria to make their home in the wort. The resulting beer ranges from extremely sour to candy sweet. There are three main types of Lambic beer; Straight Lambic, Fruit Lambic and Gueuze.

Saisons or farmhouse ales have a distinctive fruity character and a slight tang. Breweries often add herbs and spices to compliment the flavors of these complex beers.

Dubbels are dark amber brown beers with a rich roasted malt flavor. Dubbels might be slightly spicy with fruity characteristics.

Tripels are beers brewed with three times the typical malts. These beers are usually golden in color and extremely dense. Tripels are usually bitterer than other Belgian ales with notes of spice, fruits and honey.

Quadrupel beers are inspired by both dubbel and tripel styles of Belgian beer. They are typically deep reddish brown in color with a robust malty flavor. Quadrupel beers boast an impressive ten percent alcohol by volume.

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