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Belgian Beer Quenches the Palate, Creates Jobs

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You’ve heard the saying…

Beer is proof God loves us, and wants us to be happy.

Well, as it turns out, we now have proof that beer is also responsible for a large number of American jobs. What could be better than that?! Beer makes us happy. Beer quenches our thirst. Beer — especially Belgian beer — tastes so good. And beer puts the money in our wallets that allows us to then, you guessed it, buy more beer.

Brewers, [Belgian] Beer Importers Create Jobs

According to a press release issued by Beer Institute:

Through the sheer economic output of brewing and beer importing, more than two million Americans are at work in jobs linked to the beer industry, the Beer Institute announced. This workforce generated $246.5 billion in economic activity last year, according to a recent study jointly commissioned by the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

“[It’s] the perfect time to recognize the men and women who work in brewing and beer importing, or any one of the dozens of industries associated with beer,” said Joe McClain, president of the Beer Institute. “Creating jobs on farms and in factories, in breweries of all sizes and in local bars and taverns, the beer industry is a powerhouse in the American economy.”

There are more brewing establishments today than at any other time in U.S. history; these brewers and importers maintain high quality jobs, paying out $3.6 billion in wages and benefits in 2012. Additionally, beer distributors, retailers and other valuable supply chain industries, like barley growers, hops farmers, can makers and bottle manufacturers all depend on the brewers and importers to maintain their businesses and workforce.

“As Americans relax with a beer, we hope they will toast the two million men and women who played a role in bringing that cold beer to their table,” added McClain.

The American beer industry includes:

  • 2,851 brewing establishments
  • 3,728 distributors
  • 576,353 retailers

The men and women at work in the beer industry are active and responsible members of the communities in which they live and work. In the past three decades, brewers and beer importers have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in alcohol awareness and education programs designed to promote responsibility and help prevent underage drinking and drunk driving. Furthermore, brewers and beer importers share a long commitment of support for education, health initiatives, environmental stewardship and our nation’s armed forces.

For more information about the economic impact of beer in the United States, including state and Congressional district data, please visit Beer Serves America.

About Beer Institute

The Beer Institute, established in 1986, is the national trade association for the brewing industry, representing both large and small brewers, as well as importers and industry suppliers. The Institute is committed to the development of sound public policy and to the values of civic duty and personal responsibility.