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What Makes Belgian Beer Stand Out From the Rest?

Belgium is an extremely small country. In fact Belgium’s population is only slightly larger than the city of Los Angeles, California. Yet Belgian beer is commonly found on the top of almost every beer enthusiasts’ list of favorites. It is believed that the unique quality of Belgian beer comes from the fierce spirit of experimentation that exists among Belgian brewers. Instead of following the typical rule that beer must only contain water, barley, hops and yeast, brewers in Belgium often put fruit, nuts and spices in their beer.

Occasionally this type of experimentation can lead to disaster, but what keeps Belgian beer craft from falling victim to a major disaster is the brewers’ artistry and commitment to producing the best beer that they possibly can.

You can easily include Belgium among the top beer drinking countries in the world. In fact, they were drinking in Belgium long before the country even existed. Belgian beer has a distinct taste and presentation unlike any other beer available today.

Many people believe that what makes Belgian beer so special is contained in the yeast. This could be true as different types of yeast yield different types of flavors. The different yeasts used in Belgian beers are capable of lending the beer a fruity, spicy or earthy flavor.

Belgian brewers use a process of re-fermentation or bottle conditioning to create carbonation in their beer. Re-fermentation involves adding a bit of sugar and yeast to a bottle of flat beer. As the yeast gorges on the sugar it creates carbonation. This process is unique to Belgian beer and is what gives Belgian beer the look and presentation of champagne.

There are almost as many varieties of beer in Belgium as there are in Germany. Belgian beer is as much a way of life in Belgium as it is a tasty beverage. In fact it is so important to the history of Belgium that there are several brewing museums in Brussels where you can view brewing artifacts dating back hundreds of years.

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