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Hut, Hut, Drink: Belgian Beer Guaranteed to Up the Ante

Straffe Hendrik Craft Beer in Virginia

Sure, it’s the most exciting football game of the year. The food is plenty. The commercials are memorable. But let’s face it: The best part of the Super Bowl is the beer. And while you could stick with the old, faithful brew you know and love, but that would be boring. Go ahead, up the ante on the big game, and host the best imported beer tasting party on the block.

Might we suggest…?

Oud Beersel Oude Geuze

Oud Beersel Oude Geuze is a true miracle of nature, a multi-year lambic blend. That’s right, year-old lambic is still fermentable, while two- and three-year old lambics contribute to the pleasantly bitter, sour, smooth taste. Oud Beersel Oud Geuze’s notable hop and fruit character is much appreciated by beer fans, and football fans alike.

Doppelbock Dunkel

Doppelbock Dunkel’s rich, dark chocolate hue attests its surprising, heightened chocolaty taste. A mellow, muddled molasses and traditional peat aroma complements this full-bodied brew’s zesty spice and smooth, soft character, finished at the end with a warming smoky kick of spicy hops and dry woodsy earth notes. With a nice carbonation and light white head with minimal lacing, this malty brew’s flavor hints not just of cocoa, but of a deep, supple caramel, with dark fruits and a hint of brown sugar. Not overpoweringly syrupy or strong, this beer is a real spectrum of tastes to relax and enjoy.

Golden Carolus Tripel

This pure and golden brew with a large frothy white head is extremely flavored with a thick head, a thick body and singularly captivating flavor. It’s clearly the quarterback of beers — big and hearty, but zippy and occasionally surprisingly intelligent. Wafting from this peculiar golden nectar is the aroma of freshly sliced peaches, citrus and bitter hops — ideal for this traditionally top-fermented fair, blonde Golden Carolus Tripel. The peppery spiciness of pine is complemented by sweet banana gum, honey notes and an especially sharp malt tone in the bulk of the taste. After the explosive, spritzy, frothy beginning there’s a slight alcohol at finish, a lovely tart bittering and the buzz of satisfaction one can only get after having drank such a lively and charismatic beer.

Straffe Hendrik Quadruppel

Straffe Hendrik Quadruppel is a rich and intense dark Belgian ale. It is brewed with a subtle blend of specialty malts, which give the ale an extremely dark color and a chewy, malty complex character. This quadruppel combines a clean dryness with a warm full-bodied mouth feel and essences of fruit. Secondary refermentation in the bottle creates a living ale that can be aged and will have an evolution of taste profiles over time. Whether you are in Marketing, Health, Dentistry, Security or Beauty, we have a beer for you!

Hut, hut — drink up.