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Is Belgian Beer the Best in the World?

Belgian Beers Imported to Sterling Virginia

Belgium is responsible for some of the most important beer styles and traditions in the world. In fact all of the foundations that craft beer was built upon have always existed in Belgium. Belgium brewers follow traditional methods with an independent outlook and a keen focus on quality.

So what makes Belgium beer so special? Belgian brewers are masters at barrel aging. They put many of their beers in wooden casks with fruits until they age to perfection. Belgian brewers always put their heart and soul into every single beer that they create and Belgians understand that beer with a higher alcohol volume should be sipped slowly from a special chalice. But what actually makes Belgian beer so special is that it is so unique that you can easily pick it out from any other type of beer.

Belgian beers get their unique flavor from the yeast used to make them. As opposed to the crisp and bitter yeast used in most beers, Belgian yeast is somewhat floral with a sweet edge. When making beer, the yeast eats the sugars from the barley, leaving alcohol, carbon dioxide and other chemicals behind. Depending on the yeast used, these resulting chemicals have the ability to make the beer taste and smell either delicious or terrible.

The yeast and the process used to make Belgian beers are totally unique to Belgium. Belgian brewers do not rely on hops to create flavor in their beer instead they use beautiful yeasts, herbs and fruits to create distinctive tastes and smells. Belgian beer is brewed for drinkers that appreciate a great beer that is made in tanks older than the people who drink it with the help of recipes that are even older than the tanks that brew them.

So is Belgian beer the best in the world? We think so. Belgium’s beer making history goes back centuries and Belgian beer is famous around the world for its unique flavors. There are over 700 different types of Belgian beers to choose from with the rarest and most precious brews given all of the reverence of a fine wine.

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