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Belgium Creates New Belgian Beer Flag

Belgian Beer Flag

Belgian beer has been enjoyed around the world for many years. Beer lovers everywhere almost always have Belgian beer listed at the top of their favorites, and it’s really no wonder why. Belgian’s don’t just make beer; they put their very livelihood into every single beer recipe that they create. Even though Belgium is a small country, the nation offers a wide range of beer styles. In fact, there are approximately 178 breweries in Belgium that create over 600 different types of beer, all of which have their own unique differences. Belgium is considered a “beer paradise” for many beer brewers throughout the world.

The people of Belgium are not openly proud of their beers however. It is believed that this is because of the generally humble attitude of most Belgians. Belgians don’t typically like to show off, but when it comes to their beer, they have a very good reason to.

In an effort to raise awareness in Belgium about Belgian beer, the Belgian Brewers Association has come up with a new campaign; they have created a new flag that they are calling the National Beer Flag. The new flag is the same as the Belgian flag, except that the top part of the yellow part in the middle of the flag is white. This gives the impression of a glass of beer with a foamy head.

The National Beer Flag was designed by the DBB advertising agency in Brussels. It is part of the “Proud of our Beers” appreciation and promotion campaign. This campaign began recently in Belgian and many feel that it is long overdue.

The Belgian Brewers Association is one of the oldest professional associations in the world. The Belgian Brewers Association works hard to defend the general interests of Belgian breweries economically, socially and ethically. The association acts as the official spokesman of Belgian brewers to the regional, national, international and European authorities. Their actions cover all sectors of importance for the brewing industry, especially regarding economic, social, national and international regulations, fiscal and legal affairs, agricultural problems and activities used to promote Belgian beer.

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