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Big Texas Beer Fest Honors Belgian Beer Day via Worldwide Skype Toast

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The Big Texas Beer Fest was founded in 2012 by Chad and Nellie Montgomery after the couple visited Denver Colorado’s Great American Beer Festival in 2010. When they realized how the famous beer festival supported local businesses, local charities and the local economy in Denver, it just made sense for them to create a craft beer festival in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. Their hope is that the Big Texas Beer Festival will have a massive cultural, philanthropic and economic impact.

On Saturday, April 5th, 2014, the Big Texas Beer Fest celebrated its third year. The festival was held at Fair Park’s Automobile Building and featured 105 craft breweries serving over four hundred different beers. Due to some great Marketing & Advertising, the event has seen incredible growth over the past three years and has even sold out of event tickets for the past two years.

This year the Big Texas Beer Fest gained international attention when attendees to the festival got to participate in a Skype toast to celebrate Belgian Beer Day. Apparently it was only a coincidence that the Big Texas Beer Fest coincided with this year’s Belgian Beer Day on April 5th. The Skype toast was broadcast in Grote Markt, which is a historic town square in Antwerp, Belgium.

Belgian Beer Day is the day that beer lovers around the world unite and toast each other and drink to “Love in every Cheers” and to the authentic and original Belgian craft breweries and the beers that they produce.

The toast took place at 5pm in Dallas, Texas which was midnight in Belgium. The founder of the Captain Beerheart Foundation, Victor Zaidi, selected the Big Texas Beer Fest as the final toast after over twenty-five cities around the world participated. Other cities that participated in the Skype toast included Beijing, London and Rio de Janiero.

Belgian beer varies from pale lagers to lambic beer and Flemish red. There are approximately 180 breweries throughout Belgium ranging from microbreweries to international giants. Most Belgian beers are served in bottles instead of cans and each style of beer has its own uniquely shaped drinking vessel.

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