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De Troch Brewery is Now at Wetten Importers

De Troch Brewery

De Troch Brewery is located in the bucolic countryside around Brussels and produce Chapeau fruit beers. De Troch is a truly unique Belgian artisan beer brewery that started brewing more than one hundred years ago. De Troch Brewery produces one of a kind Lambic fruit beer made with real fruit. Chapeau fruit beers include Chapeau Abricot, Chapeau Banana, Chapeau Exotic, Chapeau Faro, Chapeau Framboise, Chapeau Gueuze, Chapeau Kriek, Chapeau Lemon, Chapeau Peche, Chapeau Fraise and Chapeau Cuvee “Oude Gueuze”.  Wetten Importers is pleased to offer U.S. consumers fine imported Chapeau fruit beers from De Troch Brewery.

Lambic Beer is brewed by using traditional methods that rely on spontaneous fermentation and ripening. First a mixture of malt, wheat and water is prepared. During mixing the starch is transformed into sugars that are suitable for fermentation. This mixing is repeated several times over and then the mixture is filtered. The liquid obtained from this process is called the wort. Matured hops are then added to the wort and it is boiled for approximately four to five hours. The hop buds are removed and the wort is cooled in large shallow open vats where the outside air is allowed to pass freely over. The regional outside air contains micro-organisms that lend Lambic beer its unique flavor. It is for this reason that Lambic brewing only takes place between October and the end of April every year. After the wort has cooled, it is run into tubs before being transferred into oaken casks where the main fermentation process takes place.

When young Lambic is mixed with older Lambic in a bottle, a second spontaneous fermentation takes place. The result of this second spontaneous fermentation is called Geuze. When cherries are added to the casks for approximately five months a special drink called Kriek is created. Kriek has a very special flavor and a unique red color. When Lambic is sweetened with crystallized sugar a traditional specialty called Faro is born. Chapeau fruit beers are, much like Kriek, the result of adding fruit such as peaches, bananas, raspberries or plums to the spontaneously fermented Lambic.

Wetten Importers is one of the largest importers of European ultra-premium beers in the United States. They partner with some of the oldest and more traditional breweries in Belgium and Austria to provide American consumers with only the highest quality products. For more information please contact Wetten Importers today.