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You're Not Hallucinating: Delirium Tremens Celebrates 25th Jubilee with Delirium Argentum

Delirium Tremens celebrates 25th jubilee! Brouwerij Huyghe releases Delirium Argentum.

Delirium Tremens, with its iconic pink elephant, is a quarter of a century old! And to commemorate this jubilant occasion — that is to say, its jubilee — Brouwerij Huyghe developed a very special, very limited edition version of the popular brew: Delirium Argentum. A name to befit the occasion, no doubt, as Argentum translates from the Latin as ‘silver’. The Belgian IPA was brewed using dry American hops, malted barley, and wheat malt. The head is frothy; the pour: a sweet, sweet amber.

Have a sip, and you’ll crave another.

How will you celebrate 25 delicious, delirious years?

Always drink responsibly.