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You Know Belgium Makes Great Beer, But Did You Know…?

Home brew your own Belgian-style wheat beer.

You know it’s from where Wetten Importers brings that great and tasty Belgian beer, but did you know?

  1. Belgium boasts more castles per square kilometer than any other country in the world.
  2. Also, the world’s longest rail network, measuring more than 4000 kilometers.
  3. Brussels sprouts have been grown — where else? — in Belgium for over 400 years.
  4. Belgium is the oldest free country in Europe; its charter of rights was signed in 1066.
  5. You know Belgium makes great and tasty beer, but did you know how much? The country of Belgium offers more than 1000 different types of beer from more than 150 different breweries.
  6. It only makes sense then that: Belgians drink an average of 150 liters of ever year… each!
  7. Voting is required by law.
  8. Labor taxes in Belgium are the highest among those countries in the European Union, at 59.2 percent. (The average stands around 45 percent.)
  9. Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate each year. Wow!
  10. Looking to immigrate to Europe? Try Belgium on for size; it grants the most new citizenships per capita in the world.
  11. As much as 15 percent of Belgium’s population (1.6 million people) are immigrants.
  12. Belgium legalized gay marriage in 2003.
  13. The longest tramway line in the world at 68 kilometers is the Belgian coast tram, which operates from the French border to the Dutch border.
  14. Belgium was the first country in the world to introduce electronic ID cards in March 2003, and was also the first to issue electronic passports.
  15. More chocolate is sold at the Brussels International Airport than anywhere else in the world.
  16. The scene of Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo was in Belgium.
  17. Belgians have been shopping in style at Brussels’ Galeries St. Hubert since 1847, the oldest continuously operating shopping mall in Europe.
  18. The world’s first lottery started in Belgium, to raise money for the poor.
  19. Belgium’s highway system is the only manmade structure visible from the moon at night, thanks to the sheer number of lights illuminating Belgians’ way home.
  20. The saxophone was invented in Belgium, in the city of Dinanti by Adolphe Sax.
  21. Belgians have also been credited with inventing oil painting in the 15th century.
  22. The only thing more Belgian than beer and chocolate is — you guessed it — the waffle, but what most people don’t know is there are actually three types of Belgian waffles: the most come Liege waffles, rectangular Brussels waffles, and thinner breakfast galettes.

Now that you know all there is to know about Belgium…

Drink Belgian beer responsibly.