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Are You Drinking Your Beer From the Right Glass?

The exquisite Belgian beer distributed by Wetten Importers will tickle the your tastebuds from any glass or bottle, but why would you use a boring ol’ pint glass when you can drink that Belgian Strong Ale from a tulip glass? Trust us, that beer will taste even better a vessel designed to enhance and capture flavor, head, and aroma.


Beer Snifter

Though typically used for brandy or cognac, the classic snifter has a wide bowl and tapered mouth that makes it perfect for swirling. Pour a Belgian Dark Ale in this glass that’s sure to capture and enhance all of the brew’s aromas. Other styles perfect for snifter sipping include Belgian Pale Ale, Quad, and Tripel.

Tulip Glass

Tulip glass for beer

Identify a tulip glass by its stem and flower-like shape. The top pushes out slightly to capture and support large, foamy heads while enhancing volatiles. To enjoy your Belgian beer to the fullest, know which styles taste best from a tulip glass: Belgian Strong Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Fruit Lambic, and Saison.

Pilsner Glass

Enjoy a witbier in your pilsner glass.

But wait, isn’t that for… pilsner? Well, sure, but it also makes the perfect vessel for a cold, frothy witbier. A pilsner glass is tall, slim, and tapered; some even think it looks kind of like a trumpet. Do you agree? This glass does a great job of capturing sparkling colors, clarity, and carbonation while retaining the head and enhancing volatiles.

Goblet, or Chalice

Beer goblet

A goblet (also known as a chalice) can be delicate or sturdy, long- or short-stemmed. These glasses feature a wide mouth perfect for taking deep sips, and are designed to maximize head. They’re even sometimes rimmed in lace or gold for a touch of pure sophistication. Enjoy a fine Belgian IPA, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Dubbel, Tripel, or Quad in a goblet today.


Beer Flute

Think champagne flute, but shorter. This glass is long and lean, and showcases a fine Lambic’s carbonation and vibrant color beautifully. The flute’s shape ensures carbonation doesn’t fade, while releasing volatiles quickly for a more intense aroma upfront.

Pour well, and enjoy your Belgian beer responsibly.

Which Glass Do You Like?