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Get Shopping: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life

Drinking beer is good. Drinking beer is great.

Beer is a beverage, a profession, a hobby, a passion.

If you find yourself short on holiday gift ideas, ask yourself one simple question: What about beer? The good people at Wetten Importers recently conducted a highly scientific* poll, and discovered that there is no one on this planet Earth who doesn’t like beer. That’ll sure make shopping easier.

Steins of Science

Why blind your love with science when you can gift him a Stein of Science ($230–$400)?! Made of brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and silvered glass, this lab-grade drinking vessel will have been worth every pretty penny when you see the look of frothy, frosty satisfaction on your beer-lover’s face Christmas morning.

Beer Savers

Take one down, pass it around. 99 ½ bottles of beer on the wall.

It may seem like sacrilege, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable: The beer was opened; it was savored, but it just wasn’t finished. Sure, you can put it in the refrigerator to drink tomorrow, but then you’ll worry all night about how flat it’s sure to be. That is, unless someone super special stuck a pack of Beer Savers ($25 for 54) in your Christmas stocking.

Dropcatch Bottle Opener

Open your beer, and take care of the clean up — all in one step! The Dropcatch Bottle Opener ($50–$60) is outfitted with magnets and 60 pounds of pull force to capture as many as 52 bottle caps. Pop, drop, catch, drink.

Spieglau Tasting Kit

While there’s no written rulebook, every good beer drinker acknowledges the importance of the right glassware. The unique shape and curve of each glass is no accident, specifically designed to highlight the one-of-a-kind flavor of each specialty brew. Spieglau’s Craft Beer Tasting Kit ($49) includes four glasses, one each for properly enjoying pilsner-, IPA-, wheat-, and lager-style beers.

Draft Beer Jelly Bellys

From the candy connoisseur that brought you booger-, toothpaste- and strawberry jam-flavored jelly beans, DRAFT BEER. That’s right, folks. Beer-flavored jelly beans ($15). Hopheads everywhere have waited for this day, and now it’s here. They’re crisp; they’re effervescent; they’re golden in color, and make the perfect stocking stuffer. (Here’s where we’d usually say “Enjoy responsibly,” but sadly there’s no actual beer in these sweet treats, so go ahead, eat as many as you’d like.)

*Okay, so our poll wasn’t all that scientific, nor all that poll-like.