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Did You Know: Beer Taps in the Colorado Governor’s Mansion

During the final week of March, beer taps were installed in the Colorado governor’s mansion as part of the Centennial State’s celebration of Colorado Craft Beer Week. The mansion is the very first gubernatorial residence in the U.S. to feature in-house draught beer.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper invited brewers from all over the state to the unveiling of the “first taps”. The Colorado Craft Brewers Guild paid for the beer taps.

The democratic governor is a former beer maker himself. He started Wynkoop Brewery in 1988, several years before entering politics.  The Wynkoop Brewing Company was Colorado’s first brewpub and Denver’s first microbrewery. Today, Wynkoop Brewery still focuses on small-batch, handmade artisan beer that is crafted with patience, passion and big ideas.

Colorado is home to approximately 140 craft breweries. In fact, the Centennial State is number one in the nation for volume of beer brewed annually, number four in the nation for breweries per capita and number two in the nation for volume of craft beer brewed annually.

Under the direction of the Colorado Craft Brewers Guild, Craft Beer Week is a nine day celebration of Colorado’s craft brewers, pubs and restaurants. The celebration features dozens of events that showcase brewers and educate beer lovers about Colorado’s unique craft beer community.

The Colorado Brewers Guild, or CBG, was founded in 1995 by Colorado craft brewers. The goal of the CGB is to promote the quality and diversity of the Colorado craft brewing industry. The CBG provides the public and the media with valuable information regarding all things beer. The CBG works to protect the craft brewing industry in Colorado and promote positive legislative for Colorado’s craft brewers. The Colorado Brewers Guild represents more than ninety five percent of craft beer production in Colorado.

For many people, craft beer is a difficult term to understand. According to The Brewer’s Association in Boulder, Colorado, craft beer is defined as beer that is made by a brewer that is small, independent and traditional. Simply put, craft beer is beer that is not brewed by a major brewing company.

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