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News From the Huyghe Brewery!

Delirium Tremens Cans

Wetten Importers is pleased to announce the release of three new beers from the Huyghe Brewery: Delirium Tremens Cans, Delirium Red and Deliria.

The world famous Delirium Tremens was born on December 26th, 1988. Delirium Tremens boasts an impressive 8.5% alcohol volume and is meant to be sipped slowly. This pale blond is bitter at first and then delightfully peppery with a body and aroma that are both malty and robust. The unique character of Delirium Tremens comes from a distinctive brewing process involving three different types of yeast in addition to centuries of tradition. Its original packaging and colorful label depict the different stages of its production and show that Delirium Tremens, the Pink Elephant, is up and ready to conquer the world. In fact in 1998, Delirium Tremens was awarded a gold medal during the world beer championships in Chicago, confirming its worldwide recognition. After receiving 25,000 likes on Facebook, Huyghe Brewery has decided to release this prestigious beer in 500ml cans. Although there is no release date yet, Wetten Importers looks forward to offering this exciting new product.

Delirium Red was born in 2010 and boasts a deep dark red color, with a light pink, compact and lacing head. It has a unique soft fruity aroma with hints of almonds and mildly sour cherries. This is your ideal dessert beer with a perfect balance between sweet and sour. Delirium Red is due to be released in February or March of this year.

Deliria is an exciting new seasonal release from the Huyghe Brewery for spring. This is a beer brewed by the ladies at the Huyghe Brewery. Deliria is due to be released in March or April of this year and Wetten Importers is extremely excited to carry this special seasonal release.

The Huyghe Brewery was purchased in 1906 by Leon Huyghe and named Brouwerij-Mouterij den Appel. The brewery was one of the only breweries to survive the First World War. In 1938, the name was changed to SPRL Brasserie Leon Huyghe. In 1985 the brewery underwent a massive restructuring and philosophical brewing change which led to the creation of their award winning beer, Delirium Tremens.  

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