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Now Offering Beer from Oud Beersel Brewery!

Oud Beersel

Oud Beersel Brewery is located in Beersel, Belgium, just 1o km from Brussels city center. Oud Beersel is one of the last remaining authentic Lambic breweries of Belgium. Oud Beersel’s Lambic beer matures up to three years in wooden barrels and is blended to create a variety of different beers. Beers offered by Oud Brewery include Bersalis Kadet, which is a top fermented low alcohol triple, Bersalis Tripel, which is a top fermented authentic Belgium beer, Oude Gueze Vieille, which is a spontaneous fermentation traditional Oude Gueze blended beer with notable fruit and hop character, Oude Krieke Vieille, which is a traditional spontaneous fermentation Oude Krieke with the intense flavor of fresh cherries and Framboise, which is a spontaneous fermentation Oude Lambiek with the fruity flavor of real raspberries. Wetten Importers is very pleased to now offer Oud Beersel beers to American consumers.

Lambic is Belgium’s most distinctive beer. Its production relies on an ancient method of spontaneous fermentation where it is exposed to the wild yeasts and bacteria that are said to be native to the Zenne Valley, in which Brussels lies. This unusual brewing process produces a beer with a distinct flavor which is vinous, fruity, musty, acetic and lactic all at once. This marriage between beer and wine has survived unscathed throughout several recent brewing revolutions and innovations. Lambic is a brew that is both years in the making and centuries old in design. Simply put, Lambic is beer in its most natural state.

Traditionally brewed Lambic is served un-carbonated from a cask in its most pristine form, and is truly an acquired taste. Gueze and fruit Lambic are both formulations of straight Lambic that offer something a little more tame and familiar to beer enthusiasts who can’t quite wrap their palate around the unaltered originals.

Today, Oud Beersel’s Lambic beers are still produced using traditional methods such as spontaneous fermentation, maturation in wooden barrels and the mixing of various Lambic casks and vintages. This allows Oud Beersel to offer authentic products that are of the highest quality to consumers.

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