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“Bark! Bark Bark, Ruff!” You Heard Him: Buy Your Favorite Four-Legged Friend a Case of Snuffle, Belgian Beer for Dogs

Snuffle Belgian Beer for Dogs

“Bark! Ruff ruff! Bark!”

Didn’t you know? We speak English, and Belgian, and dog. It’s a good thing, too, because how else would man’s best friend come to know about the best thing to hit the floor since kibble?

“Bark! Bark bark, ruff!”

Translation: Buy me a case of Snuffle, stat!

It’s Belgian beer for dogs.

Kind of.

Snuffle contains no alcohol, but Fido doesn’t need to know that. It’s made with beef or chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, and other doggone delicious ingredients guaranteed to leave him barking for more. Pop one open for yourself, and another for your best four-legged friend.

Snuffle Belgian beer for dogs is best served in a clean drinking bowl.

At room temperature. Open the bottle, and pour a little Snuffle into Fido’s bowl. Just a little. Then do this: Seal the mouth of the bottle, and shake. This will allow the extract to come to their full texture, and will make for a head-like froth collar around the rim of your bud’s bowl.

Fido will love it, and you! And you’ll love it, too: Proper hydration ensures that his kidneys work as they should, and loads of Vitamin B means you’ll never again have to share your bananas.

Sadly, Snuffle is currently only available *sniff* in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, so you’ll have to take Fido along on your next hop across the pond. Or you can write the Belgian beer (for dogs) makers themselves, and implore them: “Bark! Bark bark bark! Ruff ruff!”