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Special Easter Beer Release from Het Anker

Gouden Carolus Easter Ale

Het Anker Brewery brews a very special dark beer every year for Easter called Gouden Carolus Easter. This unique beer contains several types of malt and two different kinds of herbs to give it a very fine and well-rounded taste. It boasts a ruby red color and an impressive ten percent alcohol volume. This truly unique beer is a real delight, even for the most critical connoisseur. For ideal tasting, Het Anker recommends serving Gouden Carolus Easter cool and pouring it out gently in one swift movement. Gouden Carolus Easter is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on March 15th of this year. Wetten Importers is excited to offer this unique and special holiday ale.

Het Anker Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Belgium. It was founded in 1471 by a community of Beguines. Beguine sisters baked bread, brewed beer, grew vegetables and nursed the ill within Beguinages which were small, independent economic entities. In 1872, the brewery was purchased by Louis Van Breedam who renamed it Het Anker (The Anchor) in 1904. After World War II, Het Anker began expanding its offerings from lager to ale and began producing “Emperor Beer”. In 1960, this beer was renamed Gouden Carolus after Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. In 1990, Het Anker was purchased by Charles Leclef who was fifth generation of the Van Breedam family. Later, Het Anker opened a brasserie and a hotel. In fact, the Hotel Carolus is the only hotel in Belgium on the site of an operating brewery. After two short commercial brewing relationships in the 1990s, Het Anker began producing many new beers that gained international success and in 2010 Het Anker began producing a single malt whisky that was distilled from their Golden Carolus Triple. Also in 2010, Het Anker Brewery’s Lucifer Beer was ranked #6 in the New York Times test of Belgium-style beers.

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