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Any Time, Every Time: It’s Always the Right Time for Belgian Beer

Huyghe Delirium Tremens Craft Beer In Virginia

I like beer.

All kinds of beer:

Craft beer. Macro beer. Light beer. Dark beer. Hoppy beer. Malty beer.

But do you know what kind of beer I like best of all?

Belgian beer

I like Belgian beer with breakfast.

I like Belgian beer with lunch.

I like Belgian beer with dinner.

And for dessert.

And every time in between.

There is no occasion that is not appropriate for Belgian beer.

Can’t you just taste the soft, fruity flavors? Smell the aromas. Ahh.

Pair it with a light lunch salad, shrimp tacos, steak, or pasta — Belgian beer goes with everything; it’s just that versatile. And at parties? Belgian beer is typically light on hops, so it’s less bitter, which makes it an easy sell: Even those “Oh, I don’t like beer.” people (They’re crazy, I tell ya!) won’t be able to pass up the likes of a Belgian ale.

Drink Belgian beer after work.

After a hard day’s work, there’s no greater satisfaction. No longer do you have to listen to your boss drone on about doing this, or that; no more do you have to sit hunched over your desk — at least until tomorrow. Whether you find yourself on the couch with your feet up, or gathered around the bar with your buds, one sip of that Delirium Tremens, and life is good again.

Drink Belgian beer on the first date.

Talk about nerves! That’s nothing a little liquid courage won’t fix: Something to help the sociable, comedic, intellectual you truly are shine. And hey, when the drink you order is Belgian beer, imagine how suave and cultured you’ll look. (Suggest she try the Framboise, but don’t order for her: Take my word for it. She won’t like that.)

Drink Belgian beer for good luck.

Beer… and sports. They’re practically synonymous. Everyone knows that. But what I discovered last week is this. If I drink Belgian beer while watching the Washington Nationals play, they win. If I don’t, they lose. Clearly, I need to be drinking more Belgian beer. And so do you.

Drink Belgian beer at your second cousin’s son’s wedding.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why exactly was I invited to this wedding again?”, you’re asking yourself the wrong question. The right question is, “Where’s the bar?” It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met the bride, nor if you haven’t seen the groom since he was in diapers, as long as there’s a meal, a DJ, and Belgian beer: Enjoy yourself.

Drink Belgian beer… responsibly.