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USA Beer vs. Belgian Beer

USA vs Belgium

When Belgium faced the U.S. in the World Cup this year, people everywhere had to make a very tough decision: which beer to enjoy with the game. While American brewers have unmatched vigor and a willingness to try anything, Belgian’s have mastered the art of brewing and have the tradition of world-class success. The debate over whether to enjoy Belgian beer or U.S. beer during the game became such a hot topic that Belgium’s Prime Minister even offered President Barack Obama a beer bet over the match.

It’s amazing really that America’s beer scene has come so far.  From 1933-1993, American beer was considered the worst beer in the world. That was because the post Prohibition era was dominated by mass-market beers that lacked flavor and sophistication. Starting in 1993 however, the craft beer revolution has produced hundreds of new beers that are flavorful, complex and fun to drink.

Belgian’s have been drinking beer since long before the country was even there. Belgian beer has a very distinct taste and presentation that is very different from anything you will see with any other type of beer. Belgian brewers follow traditional methods while imparting their own creativity and individuality into every brew that they create. There are over 500 different beers made in Belgium.

While American’s might not have the type of beer making history that the Belgian’s have, they definitely have the innovation necessary to create wonderful beers. In a country as vast as the United States, it’s no surprise that there are so many different American style beers to choose from. For example, the Rockies of Colorado produces an entirely different style of beer than the beaches of SoCal, and Pennsylvania produces beers that taste and look nothing like what you would find in Oregon.

Today craft beer makers in the U.S. have begun taking ideas from brewers in Belgium. Similarly Belgian brewers are beginning to experiment with bold hop characters, a signature of the American craft brewing movement. While U.S. brewers have attempted creating their own versions of Belgian style beers, many argue that they don’t even come close to the real thing. This seems to come down to personal taste however.

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