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Jamie and Jimmy are locked in a smooch for the record books. Alex gave Allison a chaste kiss on the lips. Lucy and Larry kissed, as twin siblings will do, on the cheek.

The year 2015 has arrived. The sextet has done their celebratory duty; they got all dressed up for a night on the town, spent all their hard-earned money on Belgian beer to pass the time, and counted down the last moments of 2014 surrounded by hundreds of strangers. The bartender popped the champagne, and everyone’s toasted — now it’s time to go home.

“Okay, guys and gals, let’s get out of here.”

Jamie stood up, grabbed her coat, and beelined for the door.

“Wait,” Jimmy called after his girlfriend. “Which one of us is driving?”

“I’ve only had two drinks all night,” Lucy slurred her words. “I’ll drive.”

“HA. Yeah, right,” Allison responded. “Two drinks, times five. You’re not driving anywhere. I’ll drive.”

“Alli, you’ve had as much to drink as Lucy has,” Alex chimed in. “I’m not sure any of us are fit to drive, but there’s only way to find out: My handy dandy Breathometer.”

“Your handy dandy WHAT?” Jimmy asked, incredulous.

“Breathometer,” Alex said again.

He pulled his keys from his pocket, and selected a small rectangular fob to show his friends. By this point, Jamie had come back to the table, intrigued.

“What does it do? How does it work?” she asked.

“It’s a breathalyzer, but for my phone! It attaches like this,” Alex plugged the peg into his phone’s headphone jack, and launches the Breathometer app. “All we have to do is blow, and in just a few seconds, we’ll know everyone’s blood alcohol content.”

“Dude,” Larry chimed in. “I don’t even want to share my sister’s germs. What on Earth makes you think I’m going to want to share yours, and Jimmy’s, and Allison’s — okay, maybe I’d share Allison’s.”

He winked, and Alex socked him in the shoulder.

“You won’t be sharing anyone’s germs, especially not Allison’s.”

Developed by Founder Charles Michael Yim in September 2012, Breathometer uses innovative breath sensing technology combined with superior design and usability to help people make smarter decisions. The Original Breathometer transforms any smartphone into a breathalyzer; and hey, Larry, guess what? It’s designed to be shared. The Original Breathometer captures your breath sample without making contact — it’s a portable, sterile product that can be shared. (Yes, it’s that product that was on Shark Tank!). Whether you are a Counselor, HVAC Repair, Roofer, Caterer, Home Builder, CPA, Landscaper or  Mover this is a great device for you.

Always remember to drink responsibly, even and especially on New Year’s Eve.