Wetten Importers


The unique brewing of the Cuvee van de Keizer, with only extra fine Belgian hops and with a higher alcohol level of 11%, guarantees this beer to age excellently over several years time with a complexity and intensity usually reserved for the finest of wines. Attesting to the innate mystery and intensity of a cellerable beer is this brew’s beautiful ruby brown, almost henna color.  With a light-brown, velvety head and sweet, powerful notes of wood, yeast, and plums, the Cuvee surprises one’s palate with subtle hints of caramel and even fresh green apples. Drinking a Carolus is a fully sensory experience, so be certain to breathe in its fruity, almost delicate aroma that complements a richly roasted malted, yet softly dense body. It’s a truly sugary brew in every sense, erring on the natural, fresh and refreshing side of sweetness.