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Ah, the Pink Elephant. She’s everyone’s favorite — which may or may not have everything to do with its 8.5 percent alcohol content; or maybe it’s got something to do with its stylish grey bottle art. No matter the reason, it’s clear to see why Belgian beer connoisseurs and plebes alike are flocking to the feet of the Pink Elephant.

One such fan, a beer advocate in his (or her) own right, wrote of the Belgian strong pale ale: “[Its] fragrant nose is led upfront by plenty of spicy Belgian yeast. Dominant notes of clove and pepper float above crisp, sweet, pale malts, while soft, orchard-fruit-like esters follow. Some alcohol becomes noticeable towards the end. Taste roughly follows suit, but brings more pronounced apple and pear flavours to the front of the palate.” In a bottle of Delirium Tremens, he found “hints of lemon and banana,” and observed: “Mid-palate, crisp, grainy, pale malts provide modest honeyed sweetness before spicy, grassy and earthy hop bitterness builds towards the finish. In the mouth a light body and masses of endless sparkling carbonation give a champagne-like-feel.”

Delirium Tremens is all at once creamy and crisp, and lightly bitter, and refreshing.

So refreshing.

The unique flavor of this brew is as complex as it is distinctly recognizable — all thanks to a one of a kind brewing process involving 3 types of yeast and centuries of tradition. Just nine short years after it was born at the Huyghe brewery, in 1998 Delirium Tremens was crowned a world champion beer, a title it earns all over again with every sip.

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