Wetten Importers


Breathe in the complex perfume of Carolus Noel’s roasted malt, prunes, raisins in rum, and you’ll be instantly understand why the Christmas spirit brings goodwill toward man! Notes of caramel, cloves, and dates add to the each complex sip – the palate is full, generous and sparkly with a velvety head.  Roasted hazelnut dances with  pungent black licorice-anise to recall a sweetened sharpness, while the weight of a consistent, chasing bitterness in the warming, assertively alcoholic conclusion lend a certain gravitas to balance this cheerful brew. When you’re drawing in that zesty and prickly scent – spices, fruits, sugars, burning alcohol – a sight to be seen and a beer to be drank in its hazy  golden cherry-brown hue, you won’t be able to contain the spirit of the holidays, and you certainly won’t want to.