Wetten Importers


This Helles is pure intensity in beer form. From its forceful aroma of the fruity essences of pears apples and grapes to a character hinting at anise, pepper, vanilla and fruits gilded in a powdered sugary glaze, it seems only natural that this hard hitter’s alcohol by volume is a hearty 14%. Its taste is slightly hoppy, lightly fizzy with a luxuriant and velvety texture – a beer for your cellar, if you can manage to resist its cognac-like dry finish and welcoming zest for long enough to allow it to age. Not that you have to – brewed only once a year on December 6, Helles is aged for a full 10 months before bottling. It may be hard to imagine doing much better than this golden, robustly toothsome brew, with few more years under its belt, it grows in complexity and nuance – proving that not only wine can age magnificently gracefully.