Inspired by the overwhelming successes of Schloss Eggenberg and Tucher Brau in Wetten Importers’ home market of Washington, DC and Northern Virginia, the European beer importer is excited to announce the upcoming nation-wide release of an all-new line-up of canned beer options from these two iconic breweries.

From Schloss Eggenberg in Vorchdorf, Austria the options will include Hopfenkonig Pilsner and Radler. The selections from Tucher, straddling two German cities in Upper Bavaria, will include Helles Hefeweizen and Helles Lager. In all, the new line will represent four new 16.9oz can SKUs as well as draft options available to ship starting in May 2020.

The breweries, while both specializing in bottom-fermented beer, represent opposite ends of the Wetten portfolio. Eggenberg is the longest-tenured brewery in the book while Tucher is the newest addition, coming on board for a soft launch in 2019. Their successes in the market, however, are remarkably similar. Starting at home, Wetten has seen both breweries dominate while striking a balance between world-class quality and remarkable approachability. Eggenberg Hopfenkonig Pilsner has been omnipresent across the Capital Region for the past 15 years to the tune of two shipping containers of kegs and bottles a month. Tucher Helles Hefeweizen, meanwhile, was the first-to-US-market Bavarian hefeweizen in can format and has seen widespread success in grocery accounts such as Whole Foods, Costco, Harris Teeter, Giant and Safeway as well as off-premise independents.

Known across the US for its strong dark lager, Samichlaus Classic, the bulk of Eggenberg’s production has long been Hopfenkonig Pilsner. With the 5.1% ABV pilsner, the brewery lays claim to one of the style’s icons (the result of the finest raw materials and purest water around) and one that has attained mythical status among beer hunters thanks to its – until now – limited distribution network. As with all pilsners, freshness is key to enjoying the beer as intended and by transitioning from glass bottles to aluminum cans, the brewery is finally able to ensure a lengthy shelf life.

Eggenberg’s 2.4% ABV Radler, meanwhile, will be making its American debut after years of Team Wetten enjoying it abroad. “I tell the story to anyone who will listen,” said Wetten Importers Eastern Sales Manager and Media Liaison, Dean Myers. “We always go to Eggenberg the morning after Oktoberfest. And after four hours of rocking back and forth on the train from Munich to Salzburg, that first Radler is nothing short of lifesaving.” Brewed with lemon and elderberry, Eggenberg’s Radler will provide an alternative to the wealth of grapefruit radlers cannibalizing each other’s marketshares.

Tucher, long the best-selling German beer in the Florida market, joined forces with Wetten in 2019 with an eye to expanding its reach nationwide. After a year spent developing the 5.2% ABV Helles Hefeweizen can and market testing it in the nation’s capital, the brewery is ecstatic to share what amounts to the world’s most drinkable hefeweizen with all of America. By propagating its own yeast and pitching for each batch, Tucher has created the only hefeweizen rumored to be the only one ever given a perfect score by Jason Alstrom of Beer Advocate.

The American debut of Tucher’s 5.2% Helles Lager will allow the brewery to share its Northern Bavarian roots with the market. Getting its start by brewing its region’s traditional oak-aged rotbiers and lagers, the Helles Lager will see the brewer export to America for the first time a blend of fresh and oak-aged Helles Lager. The result being an easy drinking lager with unmatched depth.

For more information on either brewery and any of the beers listed among this release, please visit, reach out to the Wetten Importers contact of your choice, or via email at media [at]

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