As Wetten Importers has seen the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic both near our breweries and here at home in the United States, we’ve witnessed some of our most-valued accounts temporarily shutter, we’ve watched our wholesalers shift to less person-to-person contact and we’ve had to cancel visits across the country – including those by our European counterparts. We understand these are challenging times and want to share with you, our valued partners and customers, the steps we are taking to both ensure the health and safety of our friends as well as maintain normalcy in these challenging times.

We are nothing without our brewery partners. They remain open and producing. While their tasting rooms and restaurants may have closed in response to COVID-19, they have assured us they remain ready and committed to filling orders. As such, all expected arrivals in April (Eggenberg Hopfenkonig Pilsner and Radler cans/draft; Tucher Helles Hefeweizen and Helles Lager cans/draft; Oud Beersel 3L Bag-in-Box Lambic, Straffe Hendrik and Scaldis replenishments) will still be made available to you as originally planned.

Starting this week, to protect the health and well-being of our employees as well as that of our wholesalers and customers, our team will be grounded on a rolling four-week basis. We will continue to work remotely to answer your questions and inform your sales forces/accounts. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Wetten Team.

When we pitched rolling ABPs with many of our wholesaler partners, we did so knowing the craft beer market completely changes in three-month increments. While the national response to COVID-19 is not what we had in mind, we know business has entered a new normal for everyone. We remain committed to planning and growing our mutual business both now and for when the spread of this virus allows some resemblance of normalcy back into our day-to-day lives.

Wetten Importers is taking these steps and others to do our part in helping us weather this storm together. Until then, stay healthy. We remain available to help and we look forward to sharing a beer with all of you as soon as we can.

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