Wetten Importers is proud to announce the hiring of Dean Myers for the dual roles of Eastern Regional Sales Manager and Media Liaison. The new position, designed over months of conversations between Owner/Founder Martin Wetten, Director of Sales Jonathan Fattori and Myers, will see Myers lead a new consumer-focused approach across the eastern United States while leveraging his talents as a storyteller.

Prior to joining Wetten Importers, Myers was the long-time director of Brasserie Beck’s award-winning Belgian beer program in Washington, DC – recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as one of the premier destinations for authentic Belgian beer culture and cuisine. “No one in our company has the experience of dealing with the high-end consumer as he does,” Wetten said. “He knows and understands first-hand the taste profiles the consumer is looking for. This will be a great asset to us moving forward, when we develop new beers and line extensions with our suppliers.”

During his time at Brasserie Beck, Myers was the driving force behind a renewed focus on beer alongside a meal in the dining room – not only at the bar. By combining the presence of the most-dynamic floor sommeliers in the country with a passion for sharing the tradition of Belgium’s oldest breweries, he returned Chef Robert Wiedmaier’s homage to Brussels to its place among Washington’s most-iconic beer destinations. In addition, his expertise was used across Wiedmaier’s company – including the pairing-friendly list at the Michelin-starred Siren.

“Leaving what was in many ways a dream job wasn’t easy,” Myers said. “For years I’ve been lucky enough to share the stories of these family breweries to anyone who would listen – as well as some who probably weren’t. Martin and Jon have been gracious enough to allow me to continue that here, while also being a part of some that have yet to be written.”

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