Wetten Importers and sister company Hop & Wine Beverage announced today the acquisition of a new warehouse located in Chantilly, VA. The new facility will include more than 70,000 square feet of combined warehouse and office space and will see both companies relocate their headquarters from Sterling, VA to Chantilly, VA. Prior to the purchase of the new building, both companies had worked out of a leased space made necessary by their rapid growth.

“At that time, we were expecting unprecedented growth. So instead of purchasing another warehouse, Martin [Wetten] decided to lease something short-term to best get a feel for the market and how things were going to evolve,” Wetten Importers Director of Sales Jonathan Fattori said. “With the new place, the team has created an A+ environment for everyone to work and to enjoy their time at the office. I know Martin is excited. We all are.”

A key factor in the design of the new home will be a continued collaborative effort between the two companies. Notably, the offices for the Wetten Importers team and Hop & Wine General Manager Ed Cook will be three doors apart – which beyond pooling resources such as graphic design and marketing, will allow Wetten Importers and its suppliers direct access to one of the country’s premier markets, including 4 of the 5 most affluent counties in the United States.

“We won’t be shy about leveraging that opportunity,” Fattori said. “Outside of a very small number of markets nationwide, I don’t think you’ll see better penetration in the specialty import category than we have. The go-to-market access is extremely important for our suppliers.”

Among the features the new joint home boasts are: separate warehousing space for Hop & Wine and Wetten Importers, private offices with collaborative workspaces nearby, multiple conference rooms, an events space that will be used for future tradeshows, and a breakroom. Asked for his favorite feature of the company’s new home, Fattori has a quick answer: “I have a window.”

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